Harmonic Backdrop To The Absurd

This is a Dark Ride album art - Lowell James HicksThe new CD album “This Is A Dark Ride” is now available at our new Music shop as an online download for $10, or hard copy CD for $15, postage included. The CD will be shipped to you via US MAIL. Single song downloads are also available. In any form, the content is topically current, meaningfully complex, and probably not something you’ll hear on AM radio for the morning commute.

Fifty percent of all Lowell James Hicks website and Facebook page sales of this music…. CD and online downloads… will be paid directly to Doctors To The World via the Breckenridge Colorado chapter. Not just “profits”, but total transaction amounts, minus Paypal fees, will go to support the work of Dr. Louis Perrinjaquet, who has volunteered his medical and other humanitarian services in places such as Haiti, Darfur, Cameroon, Honduras, Nepal, The Gambia, and South Sudan.

Joining me on this project are five great players:

The influence of Lee White’s fiddle and vocal harmonies is unmistakable and forceful in the visceral message of these songs. Lee has been a constant in the development of this work. She is also a member of The Gallowglasses, whose Sept. 2014 CD, “Brace of Pistols” is a mix of Scot, Irish, and traditional music.

Gary Mortensen’s dobro is always just perfect for the piece it compliments. His idea of “showing off” is apparently humility in the light of interpretive perfection. No one is currently fortunate enough to have Gary as a full time member, as he travels a bunch. If you happen to be at Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS, the National Old Time Fiddlers Contest and Festival in Weiser, ID, or the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association Festival near Cold Spring, MN, and happen to hear sweet dobro sounds coming from a well-appointed camp site, chances are that it’s Gary making the noise.

Many fans of Bluegrass, whether it be contemporary or traditional, are acquainted with Sharon Gilchrist. Her mandolin and vocal work with Peter Rowan, Tony Rice, and The Dixie Chicks is well known. On this current project, her mandolin’s interplay with Lee’s fiddle on “Time” and “Low Hanging Fruit” brings more than just a a hint of neo-classical to those tunes.

This is a Dark Ride album art (back) - Lowell James HicksOscar Wesstesson is the bassist on eight of the eleven songs in this bundle. He’s a very popular “Hired Gun” in the SF Bay area, and his feel for… and execution of… the material is spot on. He’s a scientist, working a day job doing research. We’re trying to get him to quit that one. Check him out further with Quiles and Cloud’s new CD “Seminole Star”.

Stephanie Lee is one of three bassists on this album. She has graced the stage… with her upright, bass guitar, or violin… from The Montreux Jazz Festival to New Haven to San Francisco. She’s recorded with such notables as Pink Grenade, My Glorious, Castles in Spain, Kitty Rose, Deborah Pardes.

  1. Dark Ride Lowell James Hicks and Lee White 1:25
  2. Fairly Common Practice Lowell James Hicks and Lee White 1:01
  3. She's Workin' Me Lowell James Hicks and Lee White 1:03
  4. Let The Pieces Fall Lowell James Hicks and Lee White 1:40
  5. Gentleman and Scholar Lowell James Hicks and Lee White 1:10
  6. Desire in Disguise Lowell James Hicks and Lee White 1:02
  7. Shadows Lowell James Hicks and Lee White 0:53
  8. Low Hanging Fruit Lowell James Hicks and Lee White 0:51
  9. Old Man In The Mirror Lowell James Hicks and Lee White 0:54
  10. Miracle Or Mystery Lowell James Hicks and Lee White 1:35
  11. Time Lowell James Hicks and Lee White 1:42